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Get involved in clinical trials

Patients are being urged to benefit from groundbreaking care by considering the many NHS clinical research opportunities available at Barts Health. 

It is widely believed that NHS research provides people with better care and outcomes, but evidence has been limited, until now.

A study, led by the Department of Research Outcomes, St. George’s Vascular Institute, demonstrates a direct association between higher levels of research-activity and lower rates of patient mortality following emergency admissions. The trend continued even after taking into consideration other factors such as staffing levels.

As one of the largest teaching hospitals in England, Barts Health is leading the way giving more people access to new and better treatments through participation in clinical research than ever before. 

With the largest year-on-year increase of any NHS Trust, we have seen the number of patients taking part in studies more than double in a four year period to just under 16,000, making Barts Health the 5th highest recruiting NHS Trust in the country.

To help even more patients to benefit, a new patient research champion role has been created whereby people involved with research will be sharing their experience and encouraging others to get involved.
A number of public events will be held at hospitals across this week to show how clinical trials work and opportunities to get involved. See the full programme of events and join in

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