Financial transparency

The Trust is committed to being an open and transparent organisation. As part of this commitment we have publish any expenditure over £25,000, this is in line with the government’s commitment to greater transparency of how public funds are used. This information will continue to be published on the 15th working day of each month.

Please find below the our financial transparency documents.

Monthly financial transparency documents
 Sep-19.xlsx [xlsx] 24KB
July 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 31KB
June 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 25KB
May 2019 [xlsx] 31KB
April 2019 [xlsx] 25KB
March 2019 [xlsx] 34KB
February 2019 [xlsx] 27KB
January 2019 [xlsx] 30KB
December 2018 [xlsx] 26KB
November 2018.[xlsx] 31KB
October 2018 [xlsx] 27KB
September 2018 [xlsx] 27KB
August 2018 [xlsx] 27KB
July 2018 [xlsx] 31KB
June 2018 [xlsx] 26KB
May 2018 [xlsx] 29KB
April 2018 [xlsx] 25KB
March 2018 [xlsx] 38KB
February 2018 [xlsx] 28KB
January 2018 [xlsx] 26KB
December 2017 [xlsx] 31KB
November 2017 [xlsx] 29KB
October 2017 [xlsx] 32KB
September 2017 [xlsx] 25KB
August 2017 [xlsx] 29KB
July 2017 [xlsx] 30KB
June 2017 [xlsx] 26KB
May 2017 [xlsx] 27KB
April 2017 [xlsx] 27KB