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Becoming a mentor

Sophie Parkin is a senior respiratory physiotherapist in the neuro-trauma unit at Royal London Hospital.

Discover what inspired her to help others, and why our staff should consider signing up to become a mentor for the Healthcare Horizons Programme.

60 seconds with Chris Monkhouse, SBH 'Star of the Year 2018'

In his 60 seconds interview, Chris Monkhouse - Chief Cardiac Physiologist at St Bartholomew's Hospital, tells us about the patient information leaflets he's created, the impact they're having Trust-wide, and how it feels to have won 'Star of the Year 2018'.


Personal reflections working on our critical care unit

I joined the ICU of the Royal London Hospital in February 2007 as an ‘E’ Grade Staff Nurse and my memories of the first few months are of shock at the size of the new unit I had joined, the diverse range of patients admitted, the fast pace of patient turnover, and the sheer number of other staff I had to get to know!  I won’t pretend it wasn’t bumpy at first, but what quickly got under my skin was the acuity of the patients and the exposure to neuroscience and trauma critical-care. 

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