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Staying well during Ramadan

The Islamic month of fasting or Ramadan is starting this year from Saturday 27 May and will run for 30 days.

Ramadan is one of the most holy months in the Islamic calendar. People of this religion observe it as a very special month of spiritual reflection and regeneration.

During Ramadan, adult Muslims are required to fast so they must refrain from eating and drinking anything from dawn to sunset. The belief behind it is to feel for the people who are suffering from hunger and also to feel God and pray for repentance and his mercy. People of Muslim faith also tend to donate to charity a lot in this month.

This year, fasting will last around 19 hours a day from dawn to dusk. Fasting will end at sunset – the exact times change as the month progresses

Staying healthy in Ramadan 

Detailed information for Muslims on how to stay healthy during Ramadan, including advice on attending hospital appointments and taking medication is available in the ‘Your health’ section of our website. 

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