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Newham University Hospital captures the views of young people

Staff at Newham University Hospital held a listening event at a local college to hear the views of young people.

This was an opportunity for students at Newham Sixth Form College to give feedback on their health services as well as learn more about career opportunities on offer at Newham University Hospital and across Barts Health NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, once they have completed their studies.

Hospital staff asked a range of questions including what was good about their experience of Newham University Hospital and what needed to improve. The responses were very positive with students saying that they are “very grateful for the support received” and that “staff are very friendly and helpful”.

Students also got the chance to get health information on a range of services including sexual health, physiotherapy and mental health. Careers advice from the teams was also provided and they also had the chance to make their own smoothies by cycling and play a life size operation game.

Dr Steven Kern, Student Development Leader at Newham Sixth Form College said: “We were delighted to welcome Newham University Hospital – it was a fantastic event which our students found very interesting and helpful. We’re looking forward to working with the hospital more closely and hope we can run more events in the future.”

Chris Pocklington, Managing Director of Newham University Hospital, added: “Engaging with young people in the community and hearing about what they think of our services is key to providing them with high quality care. The event was a great success – the team spoke with 300 students and got really valuable feedback which we will take on board. We look forward to working together with the college in the future.”


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