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Closing the gap: Workforce Disability Equality Standards

Did you know from our electronic staff records (ESR) 2% of the workforce and 12% of NHS staff survey respondents have stated that they have a disability? Clearly, there is a discrepancy in the data, based on declaration figures.

Following a series of Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) workshops, it was highlighted that one of the challenges staff have encountered is the language that is used. As a positive outcome from the WDES workshops we are looking at closing the GAP between ESR figures of disabilities and that of Staff Survey data.

The Inclusion team, together with members of BartsAbility, the staff diversity network subgroup, are planning a Trust-wide campaign which will be titled 'Closing the Gap' aimed at encouraging staff who have not stated their disability when they joined the Trust, or indeed those who have acquired a disability while at the Trust, to do so. 

The aim of the campaign is to close the gap:

  • Between the ESR and the Staff Survey data that reveal different figures of staff with a disability.
  • By ensuring that staff who have shared this information are made aware of the available support.
  • Making sure that Reasonable Adjustments have been made where required.
  • Raising awareness about Disabilities,  BartsAbility Subgroup,  the BartsAbility Passport and The Equality Act 2010.
  • As an Disability Confident Employer, the ‘Closing the GAP’ campaign will help staff with hidden disabilities to get support and reasonable adjustments made if needed.

The campaign will help provide a clear and straight forward narrative to inform staff as to why the data is collected and how it is used. It will also help alleviate some of the assumptions staff may have around sharing their disability status by raising awareness of the different ways as well as the benefits and good practices of sharing such information.

Did you know that you can update your ESR yourself without going via anyone?

Please click here to update ESR.

I know, you’re thinking what’s it got to do with you? Click here to find out.

Join us on 3 December 2019, to find out how much the gap has closed by when we celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities.

For further information on the Closing The Gap campaign or to be part of BartsAbility, please contact:

Samantha Ming or Lydia Warren


Telephone: 0207 709 6533/ 6534


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