Sports and exercise medicine

The Barts Health Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine provides a unique service for our patients who range from elite athletes to weekend warriors with sport-related injuries. We are extremely knowledgeable about the effect of physical activity on the body and use our expertise to treat diseases conditions and injuries related to sports and exercise.

Our Centre is the only one of its kind in the country and attracts a wide range of patients with injuries, from amateur sportspeople to Olympic athletes. We care for patients each year from across London, Essex and the rest of England.

Our sports and exercise medicine services are provided from:

  • Mile End Hospital
  • Newham University Hospital

Why choose us

In addition to specialist treatments, we provide rehabilitation services that will help to enhance your quality of life. These services are provided by a range of professionals including specialist nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

Our team will help to promote as much independence as possible by improving movement in your joints and restoring your muscle strength using manual techniques, exercise and movement re-education. The aim is to help you to become as agile as possible.

After an accident or surgery we can help you work towards returning to life outside hospital. Together we  agree on the goals you need to reach in order to achieve this. These goals can range from being able to walk short distances within your home to initiating the early rehabilitation to get you back doing your favourite sport.

For patients

If you have a sports or exercise-related injury or condition and would like to receive treatment at our centre, please speak to your GP or hospital doctor and ask them to refer you. Once we have received your referral, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. We aim to see all our patients within six weeks of receiving a referral.

Our team of leading specialists is committed to providing tailored care and finding the most suitable and appropriate treatment for every patient based on sound medical techniques. Our specialist services include:

Exercise-induced leg pain and compartment pressure testing

The department has particular expertise in diagnosing and treating exercise-induced leg pain.

Image guided injection

Injection under image guidance allows us to treat areas of the body that are otherwise difficult to reach and to be sure that we target exactly the right structure.


We work closely with our colleagues in the medical imaging team, giving us access to the full range of medical imaging and diagnostic services, including routine x-rays, specialist scans and interventional procedures. For more information, visit our Radiology section. 

Multi-disciplinary assessment

Our team is unique in the NHS as it has a range of expert clinicians, all specialists in their field, who meet regularly to perform joint assessments and formulate agreed management plans for patients with complex injuries and conditions.


Physiotherapy is provided in a dedicated facility by a team of specialist therapists, with state-of-the-art equipment including hydrotherapy, rehabilitation equipment and isokinetic testing.

Systemic masqueraders of musculoskeletal injury

We frequently see patients who have had treatment elsewhere that has not been successful. There are often underlying whole body system reasons for this lack of improvement and we are particularly adept at detecting and treating these issues.

Visiting the Centre

If you are being seen at the Centre please wear clothing that allows us to examine your injury easily (such as shorts). Wherever possible and convenient, please bring along any sporting equipment that is relevant for your injury or condition (such as running shoes or a racquet). This greatly helps with our assessment of your injury/condition.

Contact us

For services at Mile End Hospital

Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine
Mile End Hospital
Bancroft Rd
Stepney Green
London, E1 4DG

Tel: 020 8223 8859

For services at Newham University Hospital

Tel: 0203 416 5000

For clinicians

To refer a patient for an appointment at the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine, please use the Choose and Book system or write to:

Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine
Mile End Hospital
Bancroft Rd
Stepney Green
London, E1 4DG

Tel: 020 8223 8859

Clinics available at Mile End Hospital

We run weekly Outpatient Clinics on Tuesday mornings, and Thursday mornings and afternoons. There is also a monthly Interdisciplinary Clinic that takes place on the evening of the second Monday of the month in the gym area.

Clinics available at Newham University Hospital

We run Sports Clinics on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. At the first appointment, patients are seen by members of our team including a sports physician, consultant and physiotherapist. Depending on the outcomes of any examinations, they could require further investigations or may be referred to a podiatrist (a foot specialist), to an orthopaedic surgeon or to a physiotherapist for further investigations/management. If the treatment requires input from the wider team, the patient may be asked to attend a clinic on a Monday evening.

Important information

Please ask your patient to wear clothing that allows us to examine the injury easily (such as shorts). If possible, please bring along any sporting equipment that is relevant to the injury or condition (such as running shoes or a racquet). This greatly helps with our assessment of the injury/condition.