1. Gastroenterology

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    Welcome to gastroenterology service. We care for patients with digestive disorders from across London, Essex and the rest of the country. Our team of specialists are here to support you, whether you are visiting us for tests, or coming in for treatment.

  2. General surgery

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    Welcome to Barts Health General Surgery. We offer a range of services to cater for patients who may need planned or emergency surgery. People trust us to help with a diverse range of conditions that may be caused by disease, genetic disorders or trauma.

  3. Gynaecological Oncology

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    Our Gynaecological Oncology department is an internationally renowned centre of clinical and research excellence. We serve a population of around 2.5 million in North East London and Essex.

  4. Gynaecology

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    We are a leading centre for disorders of the female reproductive system and have a skilled team of specialists working across our hospitals.

A-Z of services

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