Our progress

Our progress

CQC reports significant improvements at Barts Health

Every day, we treat over 6,000 patients across our hospitals, and we’re committed to ensuring that they all receive safe and compassionate care.

In 2015, we published an ambitious improvement plan to tackle issues identified by the Care Quality Commission.

After re-inspecting our hospitals,  the Care Quality Commission has published reports on the quality of care. The reports show that we have made real improvements; the quality of the care we provide to our patients is getting better all the time.

Barts Health NHS Trust 2017 CQC report

Two year's after the Care Quality Commission put Barts Health into special measures, the care regulator has now formally withdrawn its “inadequate” rating and says the Trust as a whole now “requires improvement”. The rating change follows a series of recent hospital inspections which has seen Whipps Cross, Newham and The Royal London improve their overall rating and St Bartholomew's rated as “good”.

Following a recent well-led review, its leadership and governance has now improved to be rated “requires improvement”. The Care Quality Commission's trust-wide report also noted that:

  • Staff demonstrated empathy and compassion, with patients speaking highly of their care 
  • The senior leadership team were visible and approachable across five sites
  • Time and resource had been invested in improving the governance structures, management of risk, and culture of the organisation
  • Staff engagement is better

Whipps Cross University Hospital

Our 2018 inspection

Following an unannounced inspection of surgical care at Whipps Cross in April 2018, the CQC has improved its rating from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Requires Improvement’.

The improvement means that no services are any longer rated ‘Inadequate’ overall across the whole of Whipps Cross Hospital.

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Read the CQC's report on surgery at Whipps Cross Hospital [pdf] 1MB

During the April inspection the CQC recognised:

  • All patients said that they were treated with dignity and respect
  • Staff treated patients with compassion and demonstrated a genuinely kind and caring attitude, even when busy and under pressure
  • Significant improvement in infection control and cleanliness in theatres - with 15 of 16 staff groups achieving 100% compliance in training to prevent and control infection
  • 90 per cent of patients were either extremely satisfied or satisfied with their pain management.

Our 2017 inspection

Two years after first raising concerns about standards at Whipps Cross, the Care Quality Commission has recognised that staff have made substantial improvements to the quality of patient care. 

Following a series of inspections, the CQC has raised the official rating for Whipps Cross to “requires improvement”

Whipps Cross CQC rating improvement

The inspection in May 2017 looked at outpatients and diagnostics, surgery and end of life care services, and all three were rated “good” for caring. 

The inspectors reported that most patients were positive about their experience of care, and described staff as kind and compassionate. Staff interviewed described their team as ‘one big extended family'.

Our 2016 inspection

  • One-third of the individual CQC ratings are now good and more than half have improved their rating. 
  • Services for children and young people improved from Inadequate to Good
  • Urgent and emergency services improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • Medical care improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • Maternity and gynaecology improved from Requires Improvement to Good
  • End of life care improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement

The CQC maintained the overall rating of Whipps Cross Hospital as inadequate, but inspectors recognised the significant improvement since their last visit with one-third of the individual ratings classified as “good”. More than half of the individual CQC ratings have improved since the last visit in 2014.

The Royal London Hospital

Our 2017 inspection

Following an unannounced inspection in June 2017, the CQC raised the overall rating for maternity from 'inadequate' to 'requires improvement', while highlighting two areas of outstanding practice.

Our 2016 inspection

After re-inspecting The Royal London in July 2016, the Care Quality Commission published separate reports on the quality of care.

The report shows that we have made real improvements; the quality of the care we provide to our patients is getting better all the time.

  • Overall our hospital improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • Critical care scored Outstanding for the ‘caring’ domain and retained its Good rating overall
  • Surgery improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • Services for children and young people moved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • End of life care moved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement

The Royal London's 2016 CQC report  

The Royal London Hospital CQC Report 2016: Are critical care services caring? Outstanding

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Our 2017 inspection

Following a visit in May 2017, CQC inspectors have given a 'good' rating in all hospital areas; medical care; surgery; critical care; outpatients and diagnostic imaging.

St Bartholomew's CQC report - all good ratings

The hospital also achieved an ‘outstanding’ rating in the Well Led domain, with inspectors praising nursing and clinical leadership and reporting a positive and collaborative culture.

The CQC also saw evidence of outstanding practice, including providing early access to cancer medications through 'practice-changing' research trials.

St Bartholomew's CQC report

Newham University Hospital

Our 2017 inspection of maternity services

After re-inspection Newham in July 2017 to speak to women and staff about the quality of care provided in maternity and gynaecology, the CQC has now upgraded its rating from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Requires Improvement’.

The CQC reported that processes are now in place to manage risk and that staff told them improvements have been made.

Inspectors also praised leadership as being more visible with regular visits made to the maternity and gynaecology units, where more than 6,500 babies are delivered each year.

Our 2016 inspection

After re-inspecting Newham in November 2016, the Care Quality Commission published a report on the quality of care. 

The report presents the findings of the re-inspections, and represent an important milestone on our improvement journey to deliver safe and compassionate care.

The report shows that we have made real improvements at Newham; the quality of the care we provide to our patients is getting better all the time.

  • The overall rating for the hospital has improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement
  • More than a third of the individual CQC ratings for Newham Hospital are now Good
  • Medical care – including older people’s care – has improved from Inadequate to Good
  • Surgery has improved from Requires Improvement to Good
  • End of life care has improved from Inadequate to Requires Improvement

Grid shows Newham improvement year on year

Infographics from Newham CQC report show improvement