Our journey

Our vision is to be a high performing group of NHS hospitals, renowned for excellence and innovation and providing safe and compassionate care to our patients in east London and beyond. You can see how we plan to achieve this ambition by clicking on our journey below.

Barts Health Cares summarises the specific operational steps we will take in 2018/19 to improve further the quality and efficiency of our services. 

We want to be renowned for delivering safe and compassionate care on a daily basis, and we are on an exciting journey to improve the quality of all our services for patients. Find out more about our improvement plans in Safe and Compassionate: getting to good and outstanding.

With the support and commitment of our talented staff we have made significant progress on our safe and compassionate journey, but we still have more to do. Our Clinical and Organisational Strategy 2017-2021 sets out how we will achieve our vision over the next five years. Our Clinical and Organisation Strategy is also available as a summary document, and more information on the guiding principles, key themes and proposals can be found below.

If you have any feedback on any of our plans please email communications@bartshealth.nhs.uk

Our vision

Our vision

Our objectives

Our quality objectives

Clinical and organisational strategy

  Clinical and organisational strategy

Our Clinical and Organisational Strategy sets out how we will achieve our vision over the next five years. Seven guiding principles and five themes shape our strategy. You can download a summary of these below:

7 guiding concepts that shape our clinical strategy


  1. Clinical and academic excellence
  2. Reducing variation and improving productivity
  3. Meeting the needs of our whole population
  4. Networking services to improve standards
  5. Prevention and pathway redesign

Within the strategy, we have also proposed a number of changes at each of our sites. A summary of these can be downloaded below.


We would welcome any feedback or comments on our plans. Please email communications@bartshealth.nhs.uk