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Royal Research

Welcome to the first edition of Royal Research! In this newsletter we aim to keep you up to date with all the research taking place in the Inflammatory Bowel Disease team at the Royal London Hospital.

Our work relies on close collaboration between the IBD consultants, IBD nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, IBD research nurses and of course you the patient!

Without your help and support we are unable to continue our work to identify new treatments and improve patient care. This can be as simple as answering a questionnaire in clinic, donating extra samples of blood and tissue, or entering a clinical trial.

We hope this newsletter will inform you about the research opportunities available and empower you to take part if there is a study suited to you.

There will also be updates on the results of previous studies for all our patients who have participated.

 Please get in touch if you have any questions about the studies covered or wish to learn more.

 Research Newsletter Winter 2019.pdf [pdf] 657KB


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