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Transporting our patients safely and efficiently

From 1 October, we will manage the safe and efficient transportation of our patients to and from our hospitals. This follows our successful step-in management measures of the renal patient transport service from January 2016 where we have worked closely with ERS Medical to deliver substantial improvements in service delivery and quality.

From 1 October, there will be a new phone number for requesting patient transport: 03300 416 767.

Over 10,000 patients a month require assistance with getting to and from our hospitals. A robust and comprehensive tender process concluded in May 2017, including speaking with our patients and staff to make sure that the new contract meets the needs of our most vulnerable patients. However we were unable to award the contract to any of the bidders.

Serco will support us to deliver an efficient transport service for our patients by providing helpdesk and back office IT support through their existing soft facilities management contract.

Since we implemented measures to improve the service for patients, we have seen more than 90% of our renal patients being dropped off and picked up on time for their vital dialysis sessions. This is an improvement of more than 35% since January 2016.

As part of the improvements we’re making to our transport services, we will be introducing an assessment process so that our most vulnerable patients are prioritised for transport services, and alternative options are used where that is appropriate for the patients’ needs.

We have the highest regard for the staff who work for ERS Medical, and we are supporting them through this transition period. Under TUPE provisions, about 370 drivers and support staff currently employed by ERS Medical will transfer to the trust and Serco.

We are confident that our patients will receive a safe and sustainable transport service under our management. We are looking forward to building on our success with the renal transport service measures to make sure our patients can get to and from our hospitals safely and on time. However, if you do have concerns, please feel free to contact Andrew Bowman, director of estates and facilities.


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  1. Tessa Kiely Tuesday, 5 February 2019 at 07:21 AM

    Unreliable and staff find that amusing. I shall be speaking with Serco regarding two days of mess ups and the attitude of the staff. I have MS and going for a chemo injection for three consecutive days. Two days so far they are not able to get this right. This is too stressful when going in for this treatment. Taking matters much further.