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Help us to celebrate the NHS's 70th year!

The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018, and we need your help.  

A lot has changed in the past 40 years from the first mass vaccination programmes in the 1950s, to today’s sophisticated technology which enables our hospitals to deliver the highest standard of care to more patients than ever.  

However what hasn’t changed is the love for this British born institution – the NHS was built on the principle that no matter whom you are, rich or poor; everyone is entitled to quality health care.  An amazing 7 decades later the NHS still lives by this principle and our system is the envy of the world.

We’re planning a range of activities across all of our sites to celebrate this occasion, but we would also like to share the memories of our patients and local people. If you have a story similar to those listed below or historic photos you would like to share please get in touch with communications.

We’d love to hear from people who;

  • share the same birthday as the NHS
  • were born locally on 5 July, 1948
  • used to work for one of our hospitals, and have fond memories
  • have a long standing individual or family connection with our hospitals.

We look forward to hearing your stories, and celebrating this milestone with all of those connected to Barts Health.


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