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#ExpofCare Week: A relaxation space for parents

When it comes to the experience of care we provide at our hospitals, Newham University Hospital’s Rainbow Centre showcases how it is not only patients, but their families, carers and friends, that experience quality care while at our hospitals. The Rainbow Centre’s Parents Room provides a relaxed, child-free environment for patients and carers. The room contains basic facilities such as a kitchenette and television, but most importantly it provides a space where parents can take time out to simply relax and unwind, knowing their child is in good care.

Hamera Elahi, Healthcare Play Specialist, Rainbow Centre, Newham University Hospital, describes it as ‘a place where parents can unwind and get away from the ward, de-stress, make phone calls, have an adult conversation and have some time away from the ward and kids.’

Since opening the Rainbow Centre over two years ago, the team has received great feedback about having the dedicated space. "It’s highly important for parents/carers to have some time out and have some time to themselves. It’s a good place to think and reflect," says Hamera Elahi.

Parents often spend huge amounts of time at the Rainbow Centre with their children, and this room helps makes them feel comfortable and welcome, which is at the heart of our WeCare values as well as our Patient Engagement and Experience Strategy. Congratulations to the Rainbow Centre team for developing this space and providing both patients and parents with quality care.

If you’d like to know more about the Parents Room at the Rainbow Centre please contact Hamera Elahi.


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