Healthcare Horizons

infographic for healthcare horizonsThe Healthcare Horizons programme is helping young people in east London to take the first steps in NHS careers in healthcare and health sciences.

Run by Barts Health NHS Trust and Barts Charity, supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Healthcare Horizons is enabling students to learn more about different health professions, access higher education and secure employment within the NHS.

Over 1,000 school and college students from over 20 schools in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham and Hackney will participate in a variety of initiatives tailored to their age. The programme includes a raft of support to give young people a taster of stepping into the shoes of healthcare workers:

  • Secondary school students will have access to career awareness sessions, hands on events and work experience placements.
  • Teenagers will be able to immerse themselves in how an operating theatre works in the cutting edge simulation suite at The Royal London Hospital.
  • Direct support and advice will be offered for students completing applications for university.
  • Bespoke support including motivational training, interview skills development and regular events showcasing the range of available opportunities will help people to get straight into work.

About the programme

Barts Health NHS Trust and Barts Charity are launching a new programme to help young people embark on health careers and make informed choices about their future. This is a major intervention to improve access to, and entry to, career opportunities in east London.

Through our work we aim to encourage and help young people from our local communities to make the first step on their exciting career in the health sector through;

  • Increasing awareness of NHS careers
  • Raising career aspirations
  • Promoting the NHS as a local employer
  • Helping with recruitment to higher education, apprenticeship programmes and future employment
  • Improving careers advice and guidance provided to young people

The Healthcare Horizons programme is working with secondary schools and colleges within Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham and south of Waltham Forest.

Background to the initiative

The NHS is the largest employer in Britain and offers over 350 careers to choose from. But finding one’s way through the maze of how to make your start in helping deliver Britain’s healthcare can be a challenge, especially if you do not come from a background that has strong connections with health professionals.

The Healthcare Horizons programme has been developed with the intention of delivering short and medium-term improvements in recruiting and retaining suitably qualified staff with focus on local recruitment.

How to get involved

Currently secondary schools and colleges within the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Waltham Forest are invited participate in the programme.

Our offer:

Years 10-13

  • Career talks in small groups
  • Parents talks to increase awareness of existing career pathways

Years 12-13

  • Barts Health summer school
  • Career events
  • Work experience
  • University application support

17-24 year olds

  • Apprenticeship recruitment
  • Pre-employment training programme

For more information and to enrol your school on the programme please email the project team.

Please note that due to a high demand we are unable to accept requests from individual students or schools outside of the selected boroughs. If you are a student wishing to get involved, please speak with your school or college career advisor to find out if it is already part of the programme.

Contact us

For more information and to enrol your school on the programme:

Email the project team