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Our consultant directory offers information on who our consultants are, their specialities and where they are based.

If you have an enquiry relating to your appointment or your treatment, you should contact the relevant department instead of your individual consultant to ensure that our clinical support team can provide you with the right support to your enquiry in a timely manner.

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Title Surname First name(s) Service
Dr Kim Michael Emergency care
Dr Kirby Claire Louise Emergency care
Dr Kirk David Anaesthetics
Dr Kirwan Christopher Intensive care
Dr Knight Charles Cardiology
Dr Ko Ben Paediatrics
Dr Kok Klaartje Gastroenterology
Mr Kolvekar Shyamsunder Thoracic surgery
Dr Konbor Nagla Dermatology
Dr Kong Ming-Li Anaesthetics
Dr Konstantinova Zheyna Anaesthetics
Dr Kooner Paul Gastroenterology
Dr Kotecha Reena Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Kreze Olivia Clinical haematology
Dr Krishnan Anant Diagnostic imaging
Dr Krzanicki Dominik Emergency care
Dr Kufakwaro Norman Anaesthetics
Dr Kukucka Marian Perioperative
Dr Kulhalli Vasu Gastroenterology
Dr Kumarakulasingham Meera Anaesthetics
Dr Kundishora Tapiwa Anaesthetics
Mr Kuppusamy Ramesh Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Kurre MalathiMala Paediatrics
Dr Kuzmich Siarhei Radiology
Dr Kuzmich Tatsiana Radiology
Dr Kwanten Lloyd Perioperative
Dr Kyaw Tun Jimmy Radiology
Mrs Kyle Bonnie Perioperative
Mr Kyriakides Constantinos Vascular surgery
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