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Our consultant directory offers information on who our consultants are, their specialities and where they are based.

If you have an enquiry relating to your appointment or your treatment, you should contact the relevant department instead of your individual consultant to ensure that our clinical support team can provide you with the right support to your enquiry in a timely manner.

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Title Surname First name(s) Service
Dr BennettRichards Katy Nephrology
Dr Berney Daniel Histopathology
Miss Beski Shohreh Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Bewley Anthony Dermatology
Dr Bhagrath Ravi Anaesthetics
Dr Bhan Amit Cardiovascular
Dr Bharadwaj Preeti Sexual health
Dr Bhargava Kapil Dermatology
Dr Bhattacharya Satyajit Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery
Mr Bhattacharyya Abir Ear, nose and throat
Dr Bhattacharyya Sanjeev Cardiology
Dr Bhogal Paul Radiology
Mr Bhumbra Rej Orthopaedics
Mrs Bickerstaff Maria Rheumatology
Dr Bignall Jenine Sexual health
Bijlsma Paulien Orthopaedics
Dr Bird Flora Emergency care
Dr Bishop Thomas Anaesthetics
Dr Bjorndal Elisabeth Palliative care
Dr Bloom Ben Emergency care
Dr Blunden Mark Nephrology
Mr Blythe John Oral and maxillo facial surgery
Dr Bodetoft Stefan Emergency care
Dr Bojahr Heike Anaesthetics
Dr Booth John Nephrology
Dr Bose Samrat Emergency care
Dr Bould Emma-Jane Paediatrics
Dr Bourantas Christos Cardiology
Dr Bowles Louise Haemophilia
Dr Bracewell Catherine Older people's services
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