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Our consultant directory offers information on who our consultants are, their specialities and where they are based.

If you have an enquiry relating to your appointment or your treatment, you should contact the relevant department instead of your individual consultant to ensure that our clinical support team can provide you with the right support to your enquiry in a timely manner.

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Title Surname First name(s) Service
Dr Padmanathan Chinna Radiology
Mr Pahal Gurjinderpal Plastic surgery
Dr Pakozdi Angela Rheumatology
Miss Pal Pallavi Urology
Dr Pandya Bejal Cardiovascular
Dr Pao Caroline Paediatrics
Dr Papadimitraki Elisavet Cancer
Mr Papastefanou Vasilios Ophthalmology
Dr Paraskevopoulos Dimitrios Neurosurgery
Dr Parikh Ami Paediatrics
Dr Parker Helen Emergency care
Dr Parker Lee Orthopaedics
Dr Parkes Gareth Gastroenterology
Dr Parmar Dipak Ophthalmology
Dr Parsai Arman Diagnostic imaging
Dr Parton Matthew Neurology
Dr Patel Ruchira Anaesthetics
Dr Patel Roma
Mr Patel Mital Dentistry
Dr Patel Snehal Diagnostic imaging
Mr Patel Nitesh Ear, nose and throat
Dr Patel Hitesh General surgery
Miss Patel Hashumati Plastic surgery
Dr Pathak Sandeep Radiology
Dr Pati Jhumur Urology
Dr Patki Prasad Urology
Dr Patra Sudeshna Ophthalmology
Dr Patwardhan Amruta Anaesthetics
Mr Paun Santdeep Ear, nose and throat
Miss Payne Caroline Plastic surgery
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