Critical care follow-up

The critical care follow-up service aims to support patients and their relatives following critical illness. While many patients make a good recovery following critical illness, some experience on-going health problems.

These can include physical symptoms such as:

  • weakness and joint problems
  • breathlessness
  • pain
  • sexual dysfunction
  • scar problems
  • sleep difficulties

Some patients experience psychological complications such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress
  • impaired memory, concentration and multi-tasking

These can impact on:

  • employment and return to work, school or study
  • finances and income
  • personal relationships
  • social interactions

Patients seen in the critical care follow-up clinic are offered a range of support to help with these problems, in conjunction with services available locally to the patient.

St Bartholomew's Hospital


Clinics are held on Tuesday mornings in the main outpatients Department in KGV building. Patients being seen in other specialist clinics may still benefit from attending the critical care follow-up clinic if they are experiencing difficulties specific to their time in intensive care.

Follow-up telephone call: For patients who cannot or do not wish to attend in person, it is usually possible to schedule a telephone discussion with one of the team.

"Knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for following me up and having the time and patience to hear my story!"

- patient feedback for St Bartholomew's critical care service


If you would like more information or feel that you would benefit from coming to the clinic, please ask a member of the inpatient team caring for you, or feel free to contact us using the details below.

St Bartholomew's critical care follow-up service
St Bartholomew’s Hospital
Tel: 020 3765 8052

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The Royal London Hospital

The Adult Critical Care Unit (ACCU) follow-up clinic is for patients who have previously been admitted to 4E and 4F at The Royal London Hospital.

Many patients experience on-going problems following critical illness. These can be physical problems such as pain and weakness or psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. On-going support after discharge from hospital is sometimes required.

The clinic runs in the morning of the first Thursday of the month. For further information or to book an appointment please email or call 020 359 40346.

Why choose us

St Bartholomew's Hospital


We offer support from healthcare professionals who understand what patients and their families have been through and provide a point of contact during recovery, which may take many months or, sometimes, even years.

Multidisciplinary team

Patients and their relatives will be seen by a critical care consultant and/or therapist or nurse, and may also be seen by a psychologist depending on their needs. 

Visit back to the critical care unit

We also offer patients and their relatives a structured return visit to the critical care unit, which often helps them “come to terms” with what happened while they were critically ill. Further visits to the intensive care unit can be scheduled as required.

The Royal London Hospital

The clinic aims to see patients six to 12 months after being discharged from hospital. It provides support for patients and relatives following critical illness. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your critical illness, the treatment provided and we can review your progress.

The clinic is staffed by a critical care consultant, clinical psychologist and senior nurses. You’ll also be given the opportunity to feedback about your critical care stay and revisit the unit.

For clinicians

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Follow-up is indicated for adults who were in a critical care unit for more than 5 days and are considered at risk of developing PICS (post-intensive care syndrome) because of pre-existing health condition (in the physical, cognitive, psychological or physiological domain) or because of a lengthy and complicated critical care stay.

Many of the complications mentioned above might manifest at a later stage after the patient has returned home. Two to three months after discharge from critical care, a review to reassess health and social care needs ensures that any new physical or non-physical problems are identified and further support is arranged as needed.

The St Bartholomew's critical care follow-up service is offered to patients, and their families, who have received critical care in one of the designated critical care units (wards 1C, 1D, 1E and 6A) at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. This includes both inpatients and patients after discharge from hospital to the community.

If you would like any further information about our service, or to refer a patient, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital
Tel: 020 3765 8052

Anthony Bastin
Consultant in critical care
Lead for critical care follow-up

Tom Trevarthen
Critical care outreach physiotherapist
Lead for critical care follow-up

The Royal London Hospital

To make a referral, please contact us by email or call 020 359 40346.