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Private and overseas patients

The National Health Service (NHS) only provides free hospital treatment for people who live lawfully in the United Kingdom. People who do not normally live in this country are not automatically entitled to use the NHS free of charge – regardless of their nationality or whether they hold a British passport or have lived and paid National Insurance contributions and taxes in this country in the past. All patients admitted to hospital, whatever nationality and residency, need to provide correct information and evidence of entitlement if requested.

An overseas patient is defined as any patient of any nationality who is not ordinarily resident in the UK. A private patient refers to any person in receipt of privately funded services.

The paying patients department manages all the Trust activities around private and overseas patients. We:

  • cover the administration and billing of the Trust’s private patient services and the administration of private work. We are also available to help and advise in setting up any new private services that are required
  • can advise patients on privately funded services and the procedures for admission
  • deal with all overseas visitors who are treated by the Trust. NHS provided healthcare is not free for many visitors to the UK and we manage the billing and administration of these patients in order to recover the money on behalf of the Trust
  • advice on patients’ treatment eligibility and potential charges.

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For more information on eligibility to NHS treatment and Home Office queries visit the Department of Health website or the Home Office website.


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