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Our values

Our values define what is important in the way we deliver our vision.


Our core behaviours set out how we will work, regardless of the role we hold in the organisation. These behaviours, consistently carried out, will embed the Barts Health values in our everyday working lives, and support the delivery of safe and compassionate care on a daily basis.

Caring and compassionate, with patients, each other and our partners

At Barts Health, we champion dignity, compassion and respect, putting the individual at the heart of all decisions, striving to get it right for every person, every time.


  • Welcoming and courteous
  • Dignity and respect
  • Humanity and kindness
  • Meet basic needs

We will...

  • Smile, introduce ourselves and welcome patients and others
  • Treat others as we would wish to be treated, with dignity and respect, and challenge others when they do not
  • Ask whether patients and others have everything they need, respond with humanity and kindness, carry out the things we can do, or find someone who can
  • Consider that the service we provide, regardless of our role, could fundamentally affect the basic needs of a patient

Actively listening, understanding and responding to patients, staff and our partners

Engagement and involvement is essential in making improvements. We engage our staff and patients to achieve; better patient and staff experiences, fewer mistakes and better clinical outcomes.


  • Listen and involve
  • Understand and respond
  • Engage with others
  • Open and honest

We will...

  • Actively listen to and involve others in decisions that affect them
  • Spend time to understand others, reassure them that we have heard and respond in a timely manner
  • Give others the information they want and need, at the time it is required
  • Engage with patients and colleagues to identify and resolve complaints and concerns
  • Be honest about our point of view and what we can and cannot do

Relentlessly improving and innovating for patient safety

We support and challenge ourselves and others to do better. Being average isn’t good enough, we strive for excellence. We believe we can always do better.


  • Get things right
  • Try new ideas
  • Improve through learning
  • Strive for excellence

We will...

  • Strive to do the right thing first time every time
  • Put forward and try out new ideas to deliver safer, high-quality services for patients
  • Offer, encourage and act on feedback as a way of learning and improving
  • Learn from mistakes to develop better and safer services

Achieving ambitious results by working together

We all need to understand the big health issues facing our population and use every opportunity to promote good health. Working as a cohesive team across Barts Health, we recognise the importance of partnership in achieving success, be that with staff, patients, communities, or any other partners to achieve life changing results.


  • Personal responsibility
  • Team working
  • Promote good health
  • Courage to speak up

We will...

  • Take responsibility for personal and team performance
  • Work with patients, carers, colleagues, and partners, in ways that promote health and wellbeing
  • Work collaboratively with others in patients' best interests
  • Value other people’s time by being punctual, professional and delivering on commitments
  • Act immediately to raise any genuine concerns which may adversely affect patients, public or staff

Valuing every member of staff and their contribution to the care of our patients

Whether a staff member has a clinical or non-clinical role, is involved in direct patient care or is undertaking a supporting function (e.g. finance, IT, estates, HR) everyone at Barts Health is making an important contribution to patients’ experiences. Ensuring staff are appropriately trained, feel valued and empowered to make decisions in the best interest of patients is vital.


  • Appreciate colleagues
  • Develop others
  • Build trust
  • Fairness and equality

We will...

  • Respect the skills, needs and contributions of colleagues in the delivery of safe, outstanding care
  • Say thank you to colleagues for a job well done
  • Share your knowledge and offer practical support to help and develop others
  • Work to build trust between managers and colleagues
  • Treat others as valued individuals and contribute to a climate of fairness and equality

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